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A Simple Selling Community

Have Lists Selling Community
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All Members
Simple selling community, nonebay sales

Please follow the format of the example post
1. Your posts SHOULD/CAN include:
-simple lists
-price ranges
-lists of updated items in your journal
-lists of brands
-details on whether items are for sale or for trade
-details on preferred payment methods
-a link to your wantlists post to make more effective trading
-links to your selling journal's posts for specific categories
-tags so people can search easily for what they are looking for. Use these tags:
*size xs
*size s
*size m
*size l
*size xl
*free shipping
*US only
*shoes size [x]
*bath & body
*plus size
*[store/brand name]
*money order
To request a tag added to this list, contact dontsellcshells

2. You posts should NOT include:
-ebay listings
-more than one picture above cut (max 8 per post)
-pictures bigger than 250x334
-excessive links to your selling journal. One link in your post is plenty enough. We don't need to see your username twenty times in a row to click on it.

3. Selling journals ONLY. No ebay, etsy, etc.
4. Limit your posts. If your last havelists post was less than a page back, please edit it instead of reposting. Excessive posts will be deleted without warning.
5. Long posts should be posted under an lj cut. When in doubt, cut it.
6. Any posts not following the rules will be deleted without any warning.
7. Any questions, contact the mod at dontsellcshells
8. Wantlists/ Wish lists go on _wantlists

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